Our main attention at this moment goes out to Cracids, these birds deserve more knowledge both in captive population as in-situ.On a lot of species there is not much know on their status in the wild, not even about the numbers that still appear in their habitat. These interesting birds are quite easy to keep, they are very hardy, don't make loud noises and eat an easy diet.

Crax rubra: normal and barred morph

Crax rubra female
Crax rubra "barred morph"

Crax fasciolata

C. fasciolata

Crax alector

Crax daubentoni

C. daubentoni female

Mitu tuberosa

Mitu tuberosa 1

Pauxi pauxi

Pauxi pauxi "brown female"

Nothocrax urumutum

Nothocrax urumutum

Pipile cumanensis

Blue-Throated Piping Guan
Crax rubra male
C. rubra "barred male"
C. daubentoni male
Mitu tuberosa 2

Ortalis motmot

Ortalis motmot

Ortalis canicollis

Chaco Chachalaca

In this movie you can see a good friend Kara Sun, who also loves Cracids a lot, taking a small tour with some of our birds. Movie credits @ Kara Sun

Besides the Cracids, we keep other birds as well. Below are birds we have in our collection or we had in our collection over the years.

Red-legged Seriema
Black-necked Grebe
Grey-winged Trumpeter
Nest Hamerkop
Red-necked Grebe
Grey-headed Gull

Another movie of Kara Sun is inside the aviary of the pair of Red-legged Seriema. You can visit her youtube page to see a lot of her bird movies and others. And if you are into Pheasants or other Galliformes you can watch her video's on this channel.

Demoiselle Crane
Flaimngo 1
Young cranes
Flamingo chick
Pheasant Pigeons
Aviary 1
Aviary 2
Aviary for Cracids
Aviary 3
Aviary 4
Treron vernans
Treron delalandii
Red-Winged Starling
Allen's Gallinule
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
Treron delalandii
Green Cardinal
Saint Helena Waxbill
Saint Helena Waxbill
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak